A sneak peek of my life with alcohol addiction and everything that came with it.


I’m Laila. Nice to meet you all I guess. Why don’t you introduce yourself in the comments so I know I’m not talking to the faceless void of the internet? Also, conversation is nice sometimes. The internet can be a lonely place, especially when clicks and likes count toward your popularity.


Those College Parties

It’s Laila. Giving a shout out to Courtney in the comments, I see you girl! Haha, just trying to connect. Thanks for the comments guys, makes me feel better not to be so alone. I’m glad people are interested in seeing where my story goes. 

And So It Goes

It’s me, Laila. Just letting you know a robot didn’t hijack my blog. Sorry, it’s been so long, I just . . . it was hard writing again after last time. It was like a weight lifted off my chest, but I was embarrassed. I still feel guilty about having exposed my kids to this.

Finally Getting Help

Thanks for basking in my shame with me guys. Glad we could all get a good laugh at that poor kid’s expense. But remember, it really wasn’t funny. It was a sign that I was spiraling deeper into my alcoholism.