Choosing Rehab for Women – My Second Right Decision

Hey guys, it’s me, Laila, and I’m back to share with you my wisdom of the ages. Yeah, a high school teacher turned alcoholic gone wrong, and I’ve got stories to tell.

I didn’t really expand much on my rehab in previous posts, and I’ve had a ton of questions. I’m never sure how specific I really want to get here and was talking to Donny about whether I should just let it go or get into detail.

We agreed maybe it would really help to share my story to the fullest, so here I am. Yeah, I lucked out in the ex-department ladies. They don’t have to be your best friends, but it is kinda cute when they still respect and care about you. I know that has contributed to my positive recovery, and not everyone has that type of support system.

So, vomit comet aside, once I realized I needed help Donny and the kids made me choose a treatment program. As a woman who really only had men in her life, I realized I might want to steer toward specialized treatment for women.

That’s because when you are a woman with alcoholism, there are a lot of different problems associated with that then for men. Yeah, women and men are different in plenty of ways that matter, including brain chemistry.

So you see, for a lot of women they suffer from the female alcoholic body shape of not loving the way they look, and that contributes to their drinking. The body image of women in society is terrible today. It’s never mattered much to me that I’m pleasantly plump, but I know that women can feel really stressed and pressured because of how women look in the media.

It’s not fair how often we feel out of place in our own bodies because of it.

So going to a specialized rehab center focused on women gave me a chance to learn about other women’s experiences and compare them to my own, and to connect with other women.

I did a 30-day inpatient rehab where I had an individual therapist, group therapy, and learned a lot about being an alcoholic woman. I even learned about how dating an alcoholic woman can affect men and their families as well.

I also learned a lot about alcoholism and its effects on the body. Alcohol dehydrogenase reaction is the process of your body, breaking down alcohol, and all that power goes to your liver.

This can be stressful and cause problems over time, and it’s why many people who suffer from alcoholism have liver issues. I don’t, thank god.

But yeah, going to women’s rehab was the best choice for me. It really helped me focus on me as a whole and the issues that may arise with my gender in the situation, and I highly recommend it if you need to go to rehab and are a woman.

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