Gender in Agriculture Partnership

Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security

Global Conference on Women in Agriculture (GCWA) Synthesis Report

The First Global Conference on Women in Agriculture (GCWA) was held in New Delhi from 13- 15 March 2012 to address a critical gap identified in the GCARD Roadmap (2010): the neglect of women in agriculture. The Theme for the Conference was ‘ Empowering Women for Inclusive Growth in Agriculture’. Following the GCARD and two years of intensive partnerships among many organizations involved in GFAR, including APAARI, ICAR, CGIAR, the Regional Fora, and several UN agencies, the commitment for GCWA was created.
The Conference was attended by the President of India, who gave the valedictory address, Ministers, World Food Prize laureates, policy makers, representatives of agricultural research, extension and education institutions, gender experts, non-governmental organizations and rural producers and marketing associations. In total 760 participants from 50 countries responded to the call for collective action and investment to put the needs of women farmers, fishers, livestock producers and traders at the centre of the agricultural agenda.
The Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) launched at the Conference was inaugurated with a distinct set of objectives and priorities identified from the Conference as part of a program of action moving forward, to be delivered collectively through a combination of existing initiatives and new programmes (see Sections 3 & 4). The GAP also attracted the Government of India’s pledge of facilitation, support and participation in this global partnership, with the expectation that this pledge will inspire other governments to follow.
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