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Interview with Dr. Gunhild Anker Stordalen - Director of EAT Stockholm Food Forum

In May 2014 the first annual Stockholm Food Forum - EAT - will welcome participants from all over the world to help set goals and guidelines for the future. In an informal atmosphere, reflected by the warmth and generosity of its host city, the forum will offer lectures and panel discussions featuring global leaders in the fields of science, politics and business. But more than that, it will also offer a truly unique arena for interdisciplinary dialogue.
There are forums on nutrition, on health and on sustainability and now, finally, a forum that incorporates all three fields in a globally effective way: EAT - Stockholm Food Forum is an arena where science, politics and business will be able to share insight and ideas, which in turn can help us reach our common goal of sustainably feeding a healthy world population.

EAT will spearhead a holistic approach to today's food related challenges. Population growth, climate change, human health, resource management, sustainability and food security are independent fields of science and research - but they are also important political issues and exciting business opportunities. By creating an informal forum, which encourages dialogue and discourse, EAT will bring together leading scientists, policymakers and business professionals for the express purpose of cross-fertilization.
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