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Just released: Capacity Development Modules on Decent Work in Small-scale Fisheries

Just released by FAO, a set of modules (in Spanish) on decent work - and see below also for the links to 2 GAF6 papers that covered the Costa Rica case studies (these slides in English).,

Capacity Development Modules on Decent Work in Small-scale Fisheries consist of five information modules in Spanish in which the issue of work and decent work in fisheries were developed, targeting the people of the artisanal fisheries sector. Module 5 is on the participation of women in artisanal fisheries.

The five modules are:

Módulo 1: La pesca artesanal: El caso de Costa Rica

Módulo 2: Trabajo y empleo decente

Módulo 3: Trabajo y empleo decente en la pesca artesanal

Módulo 4: La niñez y la juventud en la pesca artesanal

Módulo 5: La participación de las mujeres en la pesca artesanal

The modules are aimed at providing practical and accessible information to artisanal fishers on the issue of rural employment and decent work that allows them to reflect on the subject for the improvement of their quality of life.

Supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the process of developing the modules allowed CoopeSoliDar R.L. in conjunction with the various governmental and non-governmental bodies concerned, to initiate a process of research, dissemination and awareness concerning unfavorable employment conditions existing in the artisanal fisheries sector, including the shellfish harvesting sector in Costa Rica and the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America.

The effort is part of a research also supported by FAO and conducted in 2014, in which the variables related to the topic of rural employment and decent work in the artisanal fisheries sector were identified. In a second step, the study results were reported and the development of educational kit concerning decent work in fisheries began. Through this educational kit, information will be disseminated to vulnerable fishing communities.

Download the PDF (Spanish language) here

See also Susana Siar's GAF6 presentations on behalf of her FAO colleagues.

1. Women mollusks gatherers organization in Costa Rica: A way to move forward towards recognition of a hard work near the sea.

2. Decent work beyond the sea: the role of Costa Rican women in fisheries.


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