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Policies meeting the challenges of both food security and gender equality: The role of information [RSS feed item]

A summary of the Strategy for Action submitted for review at the High-Level Consultation on Rural Women and Information. It provides decision-makers and planners with guidance on how to collect information related to the economic and social contribution made by rural men and women to agricultural production.

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Maldivian gender roles in bio-resource management [RSS feed item]

This study examines the gender roles in livelihood resource management in the ecosystem context of the Maldives archipelago. The different roles and responsibilities of men and women in harvesting and managing terrestrial and marine-based resources are identified and analysed. 58 pp.

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Sri Lankan women and men as bioresource managers [RSS feed item]

The study captures the rich biological diversity of Sri Lanka and examines the daily dependence of rural women and men on bioresources for food security and their livelihood. 90 pp.

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High-Level Consultation on Rural Women and Information: Proceedings [RSS feed item]

A compilation of documents that give details on the discussions that took place during the High-Level Consultation on Rural Women and Information. The Consultation aimed to discuss ways of better informing decision-makers, media and the public on the essential contribution made by rural women to food security.

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Gender roles in peanut sector for household food security [RSS feed item]

A series of summarized papers and a synthesis of the discussion on gender roles in the production and consumption systems of the peanut sector. 30 pp.

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Gender database for agriculture and resource management policies in Pacific Island countries [RSS feed item]

This paper examines the integration of gender considerations into the agricultural policies of selected Pacific Island countries to achieve sustained household food security.

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Participation and information: The key to gender-responsive agricultural policy [RSS feed item]

This paper discusses how participatory approaches and information can facilitate the formulation of gender-responsive plans and strategies. It also attempts to answer the question of why a gender perspective is important for agricultural and economic development policy and planning.

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High level Consultation on Rural Women and Information: Gender issues in land tenure [RSS feed item]

This paper highlights gender-related land tenure and land administration issues. It focuses on the rationale and opportunities for enhancing women's rights to land and other natural resources.

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The Phantom Statistic [RSS feed item]

Reducing the gender data gap in agricultural statistics is crucial, because sex disaggregated data can be used to produce tangible and sustainable improvements to the quality of rural life at the household, community, and national level.

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Dimitra Newsletter 2 [RSS feed item]

This issue of the Dimitra newsletter introduces three African partner organizations of the Dimitra Project. These organizations, which have already started to collect information in their respective sub-regions, present important information on their activities, objectives and overall goals. 12 pp.

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