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Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity

A new World Bank report, Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity, distills vast data and hundreds of studies to cast important new light on the constraints women and girls face worldwide, from epidemic gender-based violence to biased laws and norms that prevent them from making decisions about their own lives. These constraints are not only fundamentally... read more

Posted on : 09/05/2014
Knowledge Gateway Newsletter May 2014

The Knowledge Gateway is an open global community for knowledge mobilization, innovation and partnerships for women’s economic empowerment. Their aim to create a cross-collaboration network between women and girls and advanced experts and professionals and enhance women and girls’ capacity to drive innovation for a better world.

GAP provides the...

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Posted on : 08/05/2014
Agriculture Gender Strategy - Rwanda

The government of Rwanda has made a strong political commitment to gender equity and equality and is determined to see this reflected in government policies at all levels. Therefore, Rwanda is signatory to various international conventions, including, the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and...

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Posted on : 05/05/2014

Rwanda - 20 years later

April 2014 marks 20 years since the genocide in Rwanda, a level of brutality, violence and death still beyond any comprehension – 800,000 people killed in just 100 days.  Before the commemoration events an editorial featured in the New Times, a Rwandan newspaper and several others, by Jeanette Kagame, wife of the President of Rwanda. It was addressed to ‘all the women who bore the heaviest...

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Posted on : 05/05/2014

World Bank Gender & Development Seminar
Mayra Buvinic
Senior Fellow, UN Foundation and Lead Author of the Report 
Markus Goldstein
Practice Leader, AFR Chief Economist...
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Posted on : 23/04/2014

Online discussion: Care farming - an innovative approach for promoting women’s economic empowerment, decent rural employment and social inclusion

Care farming (also called social farming, more information available here) is a farming practice that uses agricultural resources to provide social or educational care services for vulnerable groups of people. It is widely...

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Posted on : 23/04/2014

In May 2014 the first annual Stockholm Food Forum - EAT - will welcome participants from all over the world to help set goals and guidelines for the future. In an informal atmosphere, reflected by the warmth and generosity of its host city, the forum will offer lectures and panel discussions featuring global leaders in the fields of science, politics and...
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Posted on : 10/04/2014

Six Innovative Initiatives that are Working to Strengthen Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Source: Food Tank

Farmers and farmers groups, researchers and scientists, and government leaders and policy-makers from across the continent are gathered to better understand family farming in North America and to agree upon common recommendations for the...

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Posted on : 09/04/2014

CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Agricultural Production Systems - Gender Strategy 2014

This Gender Strategy has been prepared to comply with the CGIAR Consortium Office's formal requirement that each CGIAR Research Program (CRP) submit a gender strategy to the Consortium Office for approval.  It respects the template given in the Consortium Gender Strategy (2011), and draws on the recommendations of the Consortium Office's Assessment of the Status of Gender Mainstreaming in...

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Posted on : 25/03/2014

FAO's Dimitra Project working with rural women in Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dimitra is a participatory information and communication project which contributes to improving the visibility of rural populations, women in particular.

The goal of Dimitra is to highlight the role of women and men as producers, so that their respective interests are better taken into consideration and they can fully participate in...

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Posted on : 21/03/2014


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