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Transforming agriculture to empower women and deliver food, nutrition and income security
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the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Leave no girls behind - post-2015 and the empowerment of girls
​With tremendous progress made over the past two decades in improving the human development status of girls, the outcomes of such investment is becoming clear. Empowered and educated women live and engender healthier lives; contribute to growing economies; цветы Ярославль; shift attitudes and break cycles of violence. The more years of education a woman has, the lower the...
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Programme 2013 du cycle de conférences Dickens6 sur l’alimentation

« Agriculture: femme, homme, quelle différence ? » avec Anna Crole-Rees, agro-économiste, consultante internationale

Saviez-vous que si les femmes des zones rurales des pays en développement avaient le même accès que les hommes aux ressources et aux opportunités, la production agricole pourrait augmenter et le nombre d’affamés fortement diminuer ? Les inégalités...
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the Netherlands

Pushing the gender agenda forward

As the world celebrates the International day of Rural women, the CGIAR research program on livestock and fish continues to highlight the gender agenda. The program’s gender strategy operates along a...

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Side Event on Gender and Nutrition supported by the Government of Italy - Side event at the Expo 2015 Signing Ceremony

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In 2013, the international community will review progress on the Millennium Development Goals, two years before the target date for their achievement.  Policy discussions will also begin on the post-2015 framework for international development. For the first half of the year, Ireland will hold the EU Presidency. 
It is essential that these policy processes be...
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