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The CGIAR Research Program on цветы Калининград, also known as the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP), brings together over 900 partners from the academic, public, private, and civil society sectors with a stake in rice development. You may have received questions, or have them yourselves about: How does one bring together over 900 partners from such a wide background in a globally-coordinated...

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Posted on : 10/09/2013
Gender in Agricultural Partnership (GAP) Case Study - Niger
The aim of the Gender and Agriculture Partnership (GAP) – an open and inclusive partnership program between gender experts in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Consultative  Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) AWARD program, the FARA Sub Saharan  Africa Challenge Program (SSA-CP), NGO networks and...
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Posted on : 05/04/2013
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