The Era Of The Wine Mom

Becky, hey girl, saw your comments last week! Good to know I’m not alone. It used to be so common to meet our husbands in bars, wasn’t it? Men these days aren’t always so lovely anymore, it’s a shame.

Anyways, Laila again. Let’s talk a little bit about what it means to be a wine mom.

Honestly, it’s just not acceptable for a mother to go out and drink until she blacks out. Of course not. But instead, there is wine mom culture.

It is considered entirely accepted, even encouraged, for a mom to sit down with a glass or two of wine before bed. We joke about needing our mimosas with breakfast on the weekend and margaritas after dinner. Wine every night is commonplace.

Of course, us women need a way o wind down and have time for ourselves. Alcohol was supposed to be the way to do it — only safe alcohol, of course, no plain liquor or cheap beer. The wine was classy, the wine was elegant, the wine was the perfect cap to the hectic day of motherhood.

In those early years, I didn’t really get to use my degree much. We decided early on I’d be a stay at home mom until Sean and Ryan were both in school. This meant all the duties of the household went to me and caring for the boys.

That is supposed to be equal, isn’t it? The husband works a forty hour week so the wife cooks and cleans? The problem is that there is not a set schedule for motherhood. You have to cook meals for the kids all day, even if you’re not hungry. And those boys will be picky. You have to pick up after them and your “tired” husband, and you have to run everyone’s schedule, including your husbands.

It’s silly, but that’s what is expected. Who can blame a mom for sitting down with a wine every night? Who notices if she downs a bottle and blacks out instead of falling asleep?

That was the habit I followed for much of the boys’ early childhood. I was the wine mom. I was perfect in every way, and I deserved that break. But it wasn’t healthy for me, and it isn’t healthy for anyone else.

It is so wild that we encourage moms to have wine or alcohol as their own method of relaxation. We deserved so much more.