Those College Parties

It’s Laila. Giving a shout out to Courtney in the comments, I see you girl!

Haha, just trying to connect. Thanks for the comments guys, makes me feel better not to be so alone. I’m glad people are interested in seeing where my story goes. It gets dark for a while, as you’d expect. But if you stick around, there’s a bit of light at the end.

So I started drinking in college. I know a lot of kids drink at parties and stuff in high school, but I wasn’t that kind of girl and wasn’t invited to those kinds of parties. I was a math nerd through and through. Plus my parents were super strict, so I would never have gotten away with it. I vowed to be a lot more chill around my kids, and I am, but there will be more on that later.

For now, college. I started drinking at age twenty, just a few months before my twenty-first birthday. It didn’t feel like a big deal to start early. The bars around town never carded the students, so it wasn’t an issue.

I liked to drink on weekends or after exams. It felt good to let loose and relax.

Everyone was always saying I was so uptight, ever since I was a kid. I liked proving them wrong, showing them 3-drinks Laila. 3-drinks Laila was socially outgoing and always ready to have fun. This was a much-improved version of the Laila everyone thought was stuck up.

I wasn’t stuck up of course, just shy. But alcohol helped lift me from that shyness and shine my brightest. Of course, that’s what I thought at least.

I don’t think I was an alcoholic in college. I drank for fun like everyone else, and sometimes a little too much. It shouldn’t be so popular to binge drink. You don’t need to get drunk, and a buzz can be nice. But it was always on the agenda to get as drunk as possible when I did party. So that was the beginning of my problems.

Donny and I met at a bar when I was 25 and finishing up my degree. We hit it off right away over some beers. 4-drinks Laila could really get her flirt on, and we matched up in every way.

When we got married a few years later, it was the most natural thing. Then we had Sean, and a year later Ryan followed. I got into a different type of drinking around then.

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