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Joint GFAR/GAP-WFO Parallel Event: Empowering Rural Women Through Agricultural Innovation

Empowering Rural Women Through Agricultural Innovation is the parallel event organized by FloraFox, Barnaul and GFAR during the CSW in New York.

First-hand involvement by women farmers in the research and development process of agricultural innovation is crucial to reach...

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Posted on : 06/03/2014

Video message of Prof. Catherine Bertini, GAP Co-Patron

In this video message, Prof. Catherine Bertini, Co-Patron of the Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP), underlines the importance of proper policies and programs in order to facilitate opportunities for girls and women to be able to grow and to be able...

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Posted on : 06/03/2014

International Women's Day - Closing the gender gap in agriculture

The United Nations has made “Equality for Women is Progress for All” the theme for the observance of the International Women’s Day 2014.

Much of the future of global food security depends on smallholder family farms where in many regions of the world women play a key role. Rural women, particularly in developing countries, often are both providers and producers of food. It is also not...

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Posted on : 05/03/2014

Closing the Gender Gap in agriculture: A Trainers Manual

A practical guide for integrating gender in agricultural prodcution systems, this manual aims at working towards closing the gender gap in agriculture. Produced by Dr. Kathleen Colverson, a senior gender scientist with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and the theme leader for Gender, Impact and Learning within the...

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Posted on : 12/02/2014

Source: FSN Forum

Discussion until 16th February 2014

"Globally and with only a few exceptions, rural women fare worse than rural men and urban women and men for every MDG indicator for...

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Posted on : 12/02/2014

Nourishing the world requires women at the forefront of agricultural research and development

Sorce: New Agriculturist

Achieving genuine food security is no longer a matter of making enough food available, but about making enough of the right kind of wholesome food available. Although hunger persists among 870 million people, the diets of 2 billion people are deficient in minerals and vitamins....

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Posted on : 11/02/2014

Helping to tap missed opportunities for women in Central Asia

This post was written by Dr Jozef Turok, Head of the CGIAR Program Facilitation Unit for Central Asia and the Caucasus and Regional Coordinator of ICARDA, based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. ICARDA is a member of the CGIAR Consortium, and leads the ...

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Posted on : 06/02/2014

Small fish bring big benefits in Bangladesh

Source: New Agriculturist

Most rural Bangladeshi households depend on farming and fishing for food and income. But faced with the challenges of low productivity, and limited access to resources and training, farmers and fishers struggle to produce enough food to nourish and support their families. As a...

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Posted on : 05/02/2014

Women in Agriculture - Success story from Papua New Guinea

Source: Our Pacific Ways

Everyday in Papua New Guinea’s rugged eastern Highlands province, the nation’s biggest business success story is taking place. It is the story of women farmers.

In PNG, where up to 97% of land is owned by the people, land is life. And women are the backbone of the land. But they earn...

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Posted on : 03/02/2014

Nothing About Us Without Us - Australian Women in Agriculture: a model for empowering agricultural women through building capacity, bringing voice and increasing production

Cathy McGowan is a sheep farmer, researcher and businesswoman. Her award winning leadership programs have had a major impact on increasing the participation of women in Australian agricultural industries. She was a founding member of Australian Women in Agriculture[1] and now consults to the PNG Women in Agricultural Development...

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Posted on : 31/01/2014


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