When I Left Donny

Hey ladies, I wasn’t trying to shame anyone. Wine mom culture isn’t your fault, it’s societies. We just need to be able to recognize it for the problem that it is. It’s not cool or funny for moms to need to drink wine to relax. Let’s just take a few deep breaths and keep in mind I’m not passing judgment.

So when I finally went back to work, it was even harder. I had all the same responsibilities as before, and on top of that, I was teaching a bunch of thirteen-year-olds. I had lesson plans to design, papers to grade, and my own kids to take care of.

Not to mention the giant kid who couldn’t pick up his own socks and burned mac and cheese. Yes, I am in fact talking about my husband Donny.

Donny was always a great guy. He was nice, he was funny, and he worked hard. But his mom took care of him way too much and gave him this expectation that I just couldn’t meet. I was already parenting two children and 100 other kids a day. More than ever I needed Donny and me to be a team, but it was like he couldn’t take care of himself.

What got to me was the dog. He insisted we get a dog, and I ended up being the one to take care of him. Donny had to get to work in the morning and couldn’t take her out on her walk, or he’d be late. He was too tired when he got home from work to play with her. If she pooped or peed inside well, he wasn’t going to clean that up. His knees ached.

Nothing he did or didn’t do was malicious in nature. It was just apathetic. I had to get to work too. I was also tired. I really didn’t want to have to pick up dog poop from the carpet and then scrub it clean. That never mattered to Donny.

He grumbled when dinner was late and I hadn’t done laundry soon enough, but he never thought to do any of it himself. So I left him. Sean and Ryan and I moved out and left him to fend for himself.

I hope he’s learned how not to burn his mac n cheese by now.

My drinking really got worse after I left Donny.