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Reducing the gender gap in access to ICT: some African initiatives towards change

In March of this year, the ITU and UNESCO-sponsored Broadband Commission for Digital Development met in Mexico City to endorse a new report coordinated by UNESCO, entitled ‘Technology, Broadband and...

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Posted on : 25/11/2013

Development experts these days will, to a man and woman, insist that we need to do more to empower (poor) women in developing countries. A particularly popular target are the women who grow most of the food their families and communities, and their cities and nations, are consuming. Such ‘gender focus’ is all the rage in agricultural research for development circles.

So far, so good,...

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Posted on : 14/11/2013
SOWING SEEDS OF GOOD NUTRITION - Making Agricultural Policies Deliver Better Nutrition

Linking agriculture with nutrition and improving the nutritional impact of agriculture programmes and interventions is the topic of a growing international agenda. The objective of this report is to assess to what extent this global agenda is actually translating into action at country...

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Posted on : 02/11/2013

This book is the result of a process to better understand the role of gender in agriculture that was initiated by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) in 2009. Recognizing the importance of empowering women farmers, Sida commissioned a study of the gender aspects of five of its major agricultural programmes.

The case studies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique,...

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Posted on : 02/10/2013
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