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Communicating Gender for Rural Development. Integrating gender in communication for development, FAO-Dimitra, 2011

Meeting food security, nutrition and gender equality objectives entails applying development approaches that allow rural communities to participate and take control of their future. Of the many approaches used by FAO, there is one that is particularly effective at enabling the most marginalised groups, including women, to take ownership of their development and achieve economic and social...

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Posted on : 12/11/2013
Community listeners’ clubs. Stepping stones for action in rural areas, FAO-Dimitra, 2011
This publication summarises the unique experience of the community listeners’ clubs set up in Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo by FAO-Dimitra and its partners. These actionbased information and communication processes have proved so successful that Dimitra decided to share the experience. The first chapter offers a brief overview of the community listeners’ clubs, their goals and... Read more
Posted on : 12/11/2013
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